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Sheikh Redha Jumuah Mansoor Videos

Sheikh Redha Jumuah Mansoor was born in 1971 in AlNakhas, Zaqaziq Sharqiyya Egypt.Sheikh has 3 Children. Ahmad, Tasneem,Basant. At the young age he memorised Quran & studied the art of tajweed & recitation under various Shuyookh, Such as Sheikh Muhammad Laythi RA and Sheikh Husayn Mansoor RA .He then went on to complete his primary, secondary & higher education.

He also studied the Quran Sciences & the art of recitation by the Sheikh Muhammad Laythi RA and he studied Riwayah Warsh and Hafs An Aasim by Sheikh Husain Mansoor RA, who has one of the highest certification & chain of Quran knowledge in the world directly to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in the 10 ways of Qiraa'at.

Sheikh Redha was awarded certification in Hafs an Aasim & Warsh an Nafi by Sheikh Husayn Mansoor RA

Aswell as studying by Sheikh Husayn RA, he also studyied by the world famous Qari, Sheikh Muhammad Laythi RA the National reciter for Egyptian Radio & Television.

Sheikh has participated in many competitions of the Quran since a young age & by the grace of Allah continues to recieve invitations to recite in various parts of the world. He occasionally travels to recite, Sheikh Has officially represented Egypt Internationally in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, UK and many other countries.

In April 2008 and June 2010, he was awarded an Honorary degree by the University of Faisalabad and Lahore (Pakistan) as a Doctor of Letters for his services to the Holy Qur'aan and in respresenting Egypt in countries all over the world.

Sheikh has an elder brother named Sheikh Mansoor Jumuah Mansoor
(الشيخ منصور جمعة منصور) he is also a doctor and studied by the same Teacher.

Dr Redha Jumuah Mansoor is a well known reciter in Egypt and currently ranked from the top reciters of Egypt. Being from the top reciters he was blessed by Allah and then the Government to be the official reciter for the Governor of Al Sharqiyya and for the people.

Sheikh travels all round Egypt daily to attend Events and also travels round the world regularly.He has travelled to countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, United Kingdom and many more in Europe and Arabian states. The last visit of Sheikh was to Pakistan in June 2011.